Say NO to Squamish B.C.’s Woodfibre LNG

by Sierra Raine Robinson

Right now In beautiful Squamish BC, Woodfibre LNG is trying to put a pipeline in. What is LNG? (liquified natural gas) is fracked methane from northeast BC. It is transported through pipelines, cooled, and then shipped in huge tankers through Howe Sound every year. It will change Howe Sound forever. It is the first time in a while that the Orca whales are back in the sound and the fish population (herrings) are recovering. If they put the pipe in, light pollution and sound pollution will harm those fragile ecosystems. As you all know, we are in a climate emergency. LNG IS NOT CLEAN⚠️ it is the most extreme fossil fuel. If you factor in the emissions from fracking and pipelines LNG creates more greenhouse gases than coal. There is so much more about this devastating project that is fatal to the crisis we are already in! EDUCATE yourself about your local projects because a lot of the time those involved ARE NOT BEING FULLY TRANSPARENT. The organization My Sea To Sky, local to community of Squamish BC, is working hard to prolong the shovels from digging sacred ground and to fight for a just sustainable future. We must stand together to protect, restore, and fund. ✊🏽 -Sol

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