Who are we?

by Sierra Raine Robinson

Chasing Change is a youth-led media project with the goal of inspiring, uplifting, and empowering people to take action by sharing regenerative ideas and solutions. ✨ In order to be able to create real change in the world, we as a global community need to better connect with and support each other – we need to create more safe spaces. That’s why our team is working to create this platform called Chasing Change. This will be a network to share stories, discover answers to the pressing questions of today while documenting our journey of discovery and growth along the way. We want to help spread more hope and love in the world and inspire others to also take action through sharing concrete solutions, ideas, the stories/voices of youth, activists, and change-makers that have been doing this work for a long time.

Meet The Team ♥

SOL ZOBRIST (she/they/ella/elle) 

Sol Dailyn Alejandra Cifuentes Zelada (birth name) or also known as Sol Mehl Zobrist (adopted name)  Is the Co-founder of Chasing Change  a 19 yr-old poet, artist, storyteller, songwriter, film-maker, social justice advocate, body positivity supporter, environmental justice activist, and everything in between.

“Adopted from Guatemala and living in Washington as a guest on Salish and Lummi tribe land. Backed by my Mayan ancestors, I am passionate about deconstructing ideals, abolishing systems of oppression, helping people tell their personal stories, and making the changes to create a more just and sustainable world.

Chasing Change is such an inspiration to me and I hope that it can be an inspiration to others. We want to support everyone who is standing strong in this movement. We are traveling, documenting, and supporting people so that their stories can be shared to educate both young and old, to inspire them to take action, speak out, and make change.

SIERRA ROBINSON (she/her/hers)

18 yr-old permaculture teacher, farmer, social and environmental activist, film-maker, Canada @youthvgov plaintiff, @earthguardians youth council member, and co-founder of Chasing Change.

I’m so excited about Chasing Change and I know that we’re going to accomplish a lot! There are so many beautiful incredible people out there, who are doing so many great things – to have this chance to support, travel, document, and share their stories of hope, resilience, and love will empower and inspire so many others to step up and take action in their lives.