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My name is Sol Zobrist and I am 18 years old. I live on Orcas island WA. I am an Earth Guardian (EG), founder of EG crew Orcas Island and EG educator, environmental activist, and passionate about making change. I love to have my feet on the earth and to swim in the ocean. I teach at schools about environmental issues and I travel to make connections so that we can work together to address these vast global issues.

Chasing Change is such an inspiration to me and I hope that it can be an inspiration to others. We want to support everyone who is standing strong in this movement. We are traveling, documenting, and supporting people so that their stories can be shared to educate both young and old, to inspire them to take action, speak out, and make change.



My name is Sierra Robinson. I’m a 17 yr-old permaculture teacher, farmer, activist, homeschooler, Earth Guardian, and a west coast hippie child from Van Isle, BC, Canada – where I work with my friends and family to combat issues from the destruction of our old growth forests to climate change. I first began learning about permaculture (a regenerative design system modeled on nature) at 8 yrs old on my family farm and completed my first Permaculture Design Course at 12 yrs old. At 13 I took my Permaculture Teachers Training. Since then I’ve traveled and taught groups of children, youth, families, elders, and universities about permaculture, environmentalism, and how to use and design with regenerative solutions.

I’m so excited about Chasing Change and I know that we’re going to accomplish a lot! There are so many beautiful incredible people out there, who are doing so many great things – to have this chance to support, travel, document, and share their stories of hope, resilience, and love will empower and inspire so many others to step up and take action in their lives.