The Rebirth of a Nation – A Short Film


Spoken word poem by Operation Earth Guardians Co-Founders: Mia Eastman and Alex Trevino. Filmed at the Youth V Gov Trial October, 28th, 2018 Eugene, Oregon. #LetTheYouthBeHeard“WE ARE THE FUTURE” The youth are rising up, we won’t be left out of the conversations that are shaping our futures. On October, 28th in Eugene, Oregon, over 500 young people marched in the streets calling out for climate justice. We all met up for what was supposed to be the #trialofthecentury (A climate lawsuit led by youth, against the federal government. What are we asking for with this lawsuit? A climate recovery plan.) The trial was put on stay, again. We showed up anyway. We aren’t giving up. We can see the effects of climate change, people are dying, chaos is breaking out all around us. We are scared for our future and the future of our beautiful planet and we will do everything possible to create the change that’s needed. Filmed and edited by Sierra Robinson Project by and in collaboration with Abundant Earth Foundation.

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