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Chasing Change

Our Discovery Mission

Permaculture [...] can provide solutions to many of the world's problems that will be left for my generation to deal with. I strongly encourage any youth interested to reach out within their community to find a PDC to attend...

The Rebirth of a Nation – A Short Film

Spoken word poem by Operation Earth Guardians Co-Founders: Mia Eastman and Alex Trevino. Filmed at the Youth V Gov Trial October, 28th, 2018 Eugene, Oregon. #LetTheYouthBeHeard

Chasing Change is a youth-led media project with the goal of inspiring, uplifting, and empowering people of all ages to take action by sharing sustainable and regenerative ideas and solutions.

We are traveling to discover answers to the pressing questions of today, sharing with you our journey of discovery and growth. Our team will document what it is like to be a youth activist and highlight voices and stories from frontline change-agents, grassroots activists, direct actions, youth organizers, and mentors from around the world.


Project Lead

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Chasing Change is a project of Abundant Earth Foundation
and in collaboration with Earth Guardians

About Sierra

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Permaculture teacher, environmentalist, farmer, photographer, homeschooler and youth activist.

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